Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to Remove a Tick With Peanut Butter

A tick is a small arachnid that gives the ability to transmit diseases to its animal or human host. The tick passes its mouth parts in to the host and begins to pass blood out. During this operation, the tick can transfer diseases such as Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain figured fever. It is important to get the tick out as soon as you observe it. One method needs using peanut butter.

  • Wipe the peanut butter over the tick and hold it for five minutes. This will strangle the tick so that you can get all of the mouth parts out with the tick.
  • Wash the peanut butter off and place your tweezers near the base of the skin. Grab hold of the tick with the tweezers.
  • Force upward swiftly, but do not jerk or twist the tick as you force. This will get the entire tick out.
  • Swarm alcohol in a medicine cup and set the tick in it. If the tick is not dead yet, it will be seats in the alcohol for a few minutes.
  • Pour several alcohol on a cotton ball and use it to wipe your skin where the tick spot you.
Things You'll Need :

•1 tsp. peanut butter
•Cotton ball
•Medicine cup

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