Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to Remove A Tick on a Human

Ticks can attach themselves to animals or humans. Once they do, they get getting blood. When a tick is ground, it should be removed instantly. The longer it is provided to stay and make blood, the higher the person's chances are of reducing a tick-borne illness. It is important to transfer the tick right so that it doesn't have a chance to regurgitate its saliva.

  • Hold a part of paper next to the tick if it has non attached itself yet. Guide the tick onto the part of paper and use it to transfer the tick to an ashtray. Slide the tick off into the ashtray and use a match to burn the tick.
  • Buy a Sawyer tick plier (see Resources). These pliers will do a better job of removing the tick's head than a set of tweezers. If you don't have a set of pliers, you can use the tweezers.
  • Grab the tick as close to your skin as you can with the pliers or tweezers.
  • Pull the pliers or tweezers straight up and be careful that you don't turn them in any other way.
  • Examine the skin to make true all of the tick came out. If the head is still in the skin, you will need to use the pliers or tweezers again to get it out.
  • Wipe an antiseptic over the area where the tick had attached itself. You can purchase an cleansing at your local pharmacy.
Things You'll Need :

•Sawyer tick pliers

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