Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to Remove A Tick From a Legs

A tick is a small, blood-sucking parasite from the arachnid family. When a tick happens a host, it will crawl onto your skin and embed its direct in your flesh. When a tick bonds itself to your skin, you are at risk for several serious illnesses, such as Lyme disease and Colorado tick fever. You should remove a tick as soon as you observe its presence to lessen the chance of disease and infection. Removing a tick from your leg is a delicate operation, but takes only a few simple product.

Tick from a Legs Removal

  • Hook a cotton ball in olive oil and put it over the tick's body. Push down softly to minimize the amount of air that can get between the cotton ball and your skin. The goal is to strangle the tick with the oil. Hold the cotton ball over the tick for one minute before checking to see if it has removed itself.
  • Hook a second cotton ball in rubbing alcohol if the tick remains involved in your leg. Repeat the procedure as with the olive oil and check to see if the tick has removed itself.
  • Pick the tick up with the cotton ball, force and kill it once it has removed itself from your skin.
  • Use a pair of tweezers to hold the tick at the worst point of its body. If the tick remains embedded in your skin, DO NOT yank or twist the tick while attempting to pull it out. Avoid breaking its head off inside your skin to avoid infection. Pull it straight away and softly until the tick takes itself.
  • Wash your hands and tick infested area thoroughly with antibacterial soap after removing the parasite.

Things You'll Need :

•Cotton balls
•Olive oil
•Rubbing alcohol
•Antibacterial soap

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